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Champion Competition dancers have been teaching in Monrovia for over 20 years!!

Dance partners

Give your feet wings as you fly across the dance floor under our experienced hands. We'll dance along with you to make sure you get it right!

Have you ever envied the fluidity and gracefulness of a dancer on the floor? You can be the object of envy too in the future when you come to learn dance with us. Whether you have two left feet, are a first-time dancer, or one who's out of practice, our experienced hands will bring out the natural poise and balance that's inherent to everyone.


The Champion Competition dancers have been teaching dance in and around Monrovia to dance for over 20 years. Give us a chance to introduce you to the beautiful world of dance with our professional classes.

Dance like a dream with our help

•  American social ballroom (Foxtrot, Rumba,

  Cha-cha-cha, Salsa, Waltz, Nightclub Two-step)

•  Western (Two-step, Line dance)

•  East and West Coast Swing

Express yourself with our dance forms


The freedom that comes with letting your hair down and your body flow to the rhythm of music is unimaginable! Let us teach you how to experience this feeling with our dance lessons.

We specialize in working with bridal couples on their first dance and also with the entire wedding party. When you learn to dance from us, you'll impress others with your wonderful style and great footwork.

We want to share our passion for dance with you. Call us when you're ready to join us!


cta adults learning/practicing how to dance

Due to COVID-19, classes are currently suspended. Private lessons are still available. We look forward to resuming our classes soon, in the meantime call 626-359-1055 for further information.