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Champion Competition dancers have been teaching in Monrovia for over 20 years!!

John and Katie Old couple dancing

Are you interested in learning American social ballroom, Western partner or Line dance, East or West coast swing? John and Katie have been teaching these dances for over 20 years!

Come to us!

Working under the name Swing N Country, John and Katie have taught private lessons, group classes at various Southern California dance studios, special classes at the Glendora Country Club and other locations, and countless workshops, including benefits for Haven House and other social and philanthropic organizations. They acknowledge that teaching dance gives them both a boost of energy. And they still enjoy getting out for a little social dancing, often taking members of their classes with them to "get their feet wet" out in the social arena.

We'll make you love dancing as much as we do!

• American social ballroom (Foxtrot, Rumba, Waltz, Cha-cha-cha, Salsa)

• Swing (East and West Coast styles)

• Nightclub

• Western Two-step

• Western Waltz

• Partner dance

• Line dance

The dance forms we specialize in:


They are National Award winners in competitive Country Western dance. The Silver champions of Monrovia are instructors in American social ballroom, west and east coast swing and Western dances.

Katie has been doing some kind of dance all her life. John got his start in late 1987. They met in late 1988 when the choreographer of SIZZLIN' COUNTRY (a competition and exhibition Country Western Dance Team) partnered them for a new waltz routine. They've been together ever since!


Since they retired from competition, they have been working to share their knowledge of class and style with students all over Southern California and out-of-town. The Watsons have often been seen performing for many community special functions including the gala Monrovia All America City celebration, dressed in authentic Victorian formal wear on KGEM LIVE, and at chamber of commerce and city events.

Joined by the mutual love for dance

John and Katie have managed to rise quickly through the competition ranks and feel especially lucky to have taken home a number of trophies to remind them of wins against some very tough competitors. They are now especially excited to be able to share their skills through teaching. It is their pleasure to watch as their students improve, catch the dance fever and have a wonderful time learning.

Why we do what we do

Ballroom dancing has encouraged many people to try their hands dancing, thanks to the influence of television through Dancing With The Stars and So You Think You Can Dance.

American social ballroom

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Line dance gives those without partners a wonderful opportunity to have a great time, and get some super dance exercise too. Partner dancing is not only fun, but a marvelous way to meet new friends.


The Western dance scene is respected all over the nation for creating one of the most successful and healthy social interaction climates in history. John and Katie are delighted to be able to teach something that has given them so much pleasure, and look forward to sharing their enthusiasm and talents with you!

Western, line, or partner – learn to dance all of these!